About Generations Church

Psalm 145:4

One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.

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Who do we belong to?

Generations Church is a part of the Assemblies of God (AOG) network made up of 550 Churches across Great Britain. This simply means that our church belongs to the Pentecostal movement which believes in the Individual having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and having the opportunity to be part of a local, vibrant church.

Mission Statement

Generations Church exists to build the church, equip the people, reach the community and empower the future.

Statement of Faith

We believe the bible is the inspired word of God, the sufficient rule for faith and practice. We believe in the one true God, Father, Son and Spirit. We believe in the virgin birth, perfect life, miracles, death & resurrection of Jesus. That He is now in Heaven making way for us. We believe Jesus will come back again.

We believe we have all gone against God’s rules and don’t deserve his love, yet He still gives it. We believe in Salvation through faith in Jesus and his death and resurrection. We believe in baptism by total immersion.

We believe the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher are gifts given to the church to equip God’s people to do His work and build His church. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit for all Christians. We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. We believe the power of God can release you from sickness. We believe we should break bread regularly to remember what Jesus did on the cross.

We believe in a church that is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus. We believe how we live on earth matters both now and for eternity.


Church Leadership Team

Math & Jo Read

At Generations Church, Jo is the Lead Pastor alongside her husband, Math. Together they are both Elders of the church and took their leadership to the next level in 2012 when Jo was inducted as Lead Pastor. Stepping into the calling that God has given them it is their heart to serve and grow the local church.

Math & Jo Read

Jo arrived in Louth 20 years ago and began working for the church as the Youth Pastor and since then she has also served in many other areas of church life. As well as being the Lead Pastor she is also leader of the Worship Team. Jo is a visionary leader, who loves to dream big about what God can do not only in the lives of individuals but also throughout the community.

Math also takes on a very active role within the church, whether it be in services on a Sunday or behind the scenes during the week. Math has a real heart to help those from all walks of life and gives much of his time to helping others from looking after their kids to helping people with their finances! When Math isn’t preaching, leading services, or running the kids programme, he is an Assistant Principal at Tollbar Academy, New Waltham.

Math and Jo have been married since 2003 and have two children, Kaitlyn and Olly.

Generations Church Elders
Generations Church Elders
Generations Church Elders

James Cartwright

James has been a part of Generations Church for over 10 years and currently serves as an Elder of the church, a Worship Leader, and is Chair of the trustees.

James has a real heart for preaching and leading people into the presence of God. Since becoming part of the church he has taken on many roles from getting involved with the sound and PA through to renovating the church building. He has great vision to see the church at it’s best and seeks to bring this into a reality.

Outside of his roles in church, James is a part time ICT teacher and on his ‘days off’ from teaching, he is a freelance web designer and runs his own Professional Audio company. James is married to Diane and they have a daughter called Grace.

Generations Church Council
Generations Church Council

The Trustees

We have an absolutely fantastic group of trustees who help with the day to day running of things within the church. Meeting at regular points throughout the year, the trustees oversee everything from the finances to the building. Each member of the trustees has their own role to play and each of them goes above and beyond, giving of their own time to serve the local house.

James Cartwright


Jo Read

Lead Pastor

Peter Yarsley


Paul Isherwood

'The Dude'

Jo Parkinson

Events Manager

Brian Parkinson

'The Legend'

Richard Hardwick

Assistant Treasurer

Caroline Isherwood