Become a partner - Your church needs you!

Thank you for thinking about partnering with Generations Church. We exist to bring the good news of Jesus to the town of Louth and the surrounding area. We may live in a small market town, but our vision is much bigger and we intend to build a house that thinks big and lives big!

We serve a big God and when we partner together, we can see so much more happen than if we did it alone. We hope you are inspired to partner with us and be a part of creating a church that continues to make a difference.

At Generations Church we believe that the church doesn’t simply belong to those in leadership. The leaders are there to guide and bring vision, but it is the people, it’s YOU who builds the church! Everything we do is to build the kingdom of God, helping people to live their best life.

We are a large family who love the diversity that we have and we get excited when new people want to be involved. So, in those famous words – “This church needs you!”

Build the Church

Generations Church is intentional about building the local church. It has been said that ‘The local church is the hope of the world’. This kind of church doesn’t just happen, but when people become intentional about it there are no limits to what can be achieved. How will we do this?

We will partner together, meeting to passionately worship God, believing that He will give us direction as individuals as well as a Church. There will be opportunity to grow together through our connect groups, being a church where we do all that we can to help one another. We want to build a church where we work together in creating a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging everyone to come and find life! As partners we share that responsibility.

Equip the people

Here at Generations Church we believe in the Bible and in teaching truth in a relevant way. God’s word has principles for us to live by and apply on a daily basis. Our teaching comes through Bible study, example, inspiration and life stories that have the power to impact people where they are at.

We aim to offer a relaxed environment, giving room for interaction and discussion.

Being a partner means being part of the family. Interacting as a family should and building a culture of strong family values.

Reach the community

Jesus made it clear that he came to serve and not to be served. Here at Generations Church, serving is something we believe every partner should be involved in. Each individual has the power to serve the people around them every day. Some of our service comes through programmes that reach into the community; such as youth work and toddler groups. However, it will take each partner impacting their own surroundings through service to win this great town.

Our programmes are created with service in mind and we take people just as they are, believing God will do the rest. We count it an honour and privilege to serve our town, loving where God has placed us and believe we are here to make a difference. A partner is someone who will do all they can to serve, whether that is individually or as part of one of our teams.

Empower the future

Generations Church has a great future! We passionately believe this. The decisions we make today will take us into the future God has for us. Each individual has a unique purpose and it is our desire to help you to tap into that plan and live it.

As partners we sow into our future in every way, it will cost us and we all need to be a part of sowing financially into our tomorrow. We don’t always know what the future holds, but we believe God can do the impossible. At Generations Church we stand with those facing uncertainty with faith and compassion, declaring the truth of the Bible. We live our lives and build our church, passionately believing ‘the best is yet to come!’

What next…

We would love to explore further the possibility of you partnering with us to continue building a great church in Louth. We are available to answer any questions you may have and talk through in more detail what this would mean.

Please see one of our leaders on a Sunday or drop us a message. We would love to have coffee and chat more!