Route 96

Route 96

Year 6 - Year 13

Who is Route 96 for?

It is for anyone in school years 6 – 13! Whether you’re part of Generations Church or simply attend one of the local schools, if you’re looking for fun, inspiration and an awesome time – Route 96 is for you!

Route 96 Gang


Route 96 Easter 2019

Tickets are now available for our Easter Neon programme.

Events take place from 9th - 12th April 2019 at Cannon Street House.

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Here at Generations Church we love Youth! We believe that the lives of young people in our town are so important and we want to create a space that is unique for them. We want our teens to grow up knowing that they are important, giving them a place to have fun and showing ways to navigate through life!

Taking place on Friday evenings, Route 96 is split into two sections.


From 6 – 8pm the doors open for those in school years 6 – 8. Hosted in our Youth Suite, we have a cafe, games & competition, a ‘talking point,’ pool table and tuck shop. Our youth team is dedicated to making each night different and full of fun for everyone who walks through the doors!


8 – 10pm is open to school years 9 -13. We have a time of worship with the Route 96 band, which is followed by a short talk, looking at what God has to say about life. Afterwards, our time is spent either chilling out together or taking apart in a ‘team challenge!’ So if you’re in this age range and are looking for great friends and a place to go, then why not come and join us?

Youth Pastors

After being raised in York and then attending university in Bradford to complete an Optometry degree, Paul moved to Louth over ten years ago. Upon moving here he met Liz and well, as they say, the rest is history! Paul quickly became involved in the Worship Team and is now a regular Worship Leader in Sunday services.

Liz was born and raised in Louth and growing up in the church inspired her to become an evangelist. In pursuit of her passion to share the gospel with others, she completed a years internship with the church and also a training course in schools and youth work with PAIS in Nottingham. She then launched herself into church work helping out with school clubs, mission and youth programmes.

In 2007 Paul and Liz Hilton took on the great privilege of being the Youth Pastors at Generations Church. Their heart and vision for our Youth Ministry is one that seeks to serve God in helping the young people of our town find their place life. They serve as part of a larger team, whom they are raising up to have a great influence over the youth of our town.

Paul and Liz have been married since 2005 and have a son called Jesse.

Paul & Liz

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Trips & Clubs

During the Easter Holidays we also host four nights (yes you read that right!), four nights of Route 96 madness! Each night is jam packed with crazy challenges, food and fun!

And as if that wasn’t enough… Throughout the year we also hold several trips to different places – Doncaster Dome, the beach and Xscape to name a few examples of where we’ve been. So if you’re up for hours of fun, why not come along to Route 96 so you don’t miss out on hearing about our next big adventure!

Summer Youth Camp

Summer Youth Camp

One of the highlights of the year is taking the youth away to SYC (Summer Youth Camp). This is a time where young people and leaders can spend some time together in a safe and fun environment. With great worship and inspirational teaching, the seminars are aimed at growing young people in their relationship with God. If you’d like to know more about this, then feel free to get in touch!