What Is Crowned?

Isaiah 62:3 says “you will be a crown of beauty”. As women, we are crowned with different titles in what we do and in what others think of us. However, it’s about time we took back what God has crowned us with, he crowns us with beauty.

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Crowned is hosted by Jo Read the Lead Pastor at Generations Church. She has vision to see women’s lives changed and was inspired to set up Crowned for women of all different ages and walks of life. She has a passion to see women living a life fulfilled. A life in which women will walk and live like they truly believe that God has crowned them with beauty.

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Alongside Jo, the Crowned team share her vision of seeing women living in the calling God has placed over their lives. The team work to put on events throughout the year that will bring challenge and encouragement. It is a place for the women of Generations Church and churches in the area to meet, have a laugh and be inspired to be all they could be.

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Across the year, Crowned is split into four different events.

  • Crowned Events
  • Crowned Conference
  • Crowned for Life
  • Crowned Socials
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Crowned Events

Crowned events take place three times a year on a Sunday evening. These evenings are full of worship, prophesy and inspirational preaching from guest speakers. It is a time where women can come together to eat, have a laugh and leave knowing what God has spoken over their lives.

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Crowned Conference

Once a year, we have a day conference which is devoted to teaching from a guest speaker, powerful worship, prophesy, and lots of treats. Our Crowned conference is a time to be with like minded women where everyone can grab a hold of their purpose, knowing how valuable their life is. It is a day not to be missed!

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Crowned for Life

Two or three times a year, we host a short DVD series where we will watch inspirational teaching from amazing international speakers. We then take what we have heard and discuss it in smaller groups. This helps women to find a way to apply their faith in their everyday life, living in the words that God has said to them. Crowned for Life helps women to build a stronger devotional life, and is also part of getting to know a company of women whom you can share life with. The course is usually held on a Thursday evening and runs for approximately four weeks.

Crowned Socials

Crowned Socials are a time where we get together to eat, laugh and simply just be. This is a fantastic evening to enjoy and have fun together.

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